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Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Red Carpet Confidential"...

In the series "Red Carpet Confidential," skin care expert Kate Somerville talks to Julie Chen about celebrity skin care tips, including the skin health pyramid.

Celebrity skin care is now becoming more personal and customized. There are 6 primary Genes that affect the health of your skin and issues like photo-aging, wrinkles, irritation, and more. Once assessed your skin should get the proper nourishment that is different from your oily skinned Aunt or dry skinned brother. Get skin care made specifically for you.

Sick of a shiny face? Well fake a flawless complexion by knowing the right way to apply concealer. It's not as hard as you think!

Concealer is one of the most important products in any woman's beauty arsenal. In fact, many beauty editors use concealer primarily and skip the foundation completely. Yet many women are afraid of concealers because they don't know how to find the right shade or apply it properly.

To quickly achieve those great celebrity makeup looks you don't need to apply tons of makeup or expensive products. Just pay special attention to a few basic areas like the eyes, eyebrows, and skin. Here are some simple secret tricks from makeup artists to the stars to help you look fabulous in no time..............

Jackie Ladner is a Makeup Artist for Celebrity Makeup and an avid user of Senegence Cosmetics. http://www.senegence.com/celebritymakeup - Imagine your makeup staying on all day and being good for your skin too!

Monday, November 2, 2009

LipSense semi permanent lip color Sense Cosmetics from SeneGence

Senegence semi permanent lip color, eliminates touch ups or chapped lips! At last, a semi permanent lip color that lasts all day! Try our free beauty tips on the new semi permanent lip color technology that is long lasting, water proof and won't dry your lips.

LipSense is non smearing semi permanent lip color, you can remove the color when you remove your make up at night, or you may leave it on - waking up with still great looking lips in the morning! Lip Sense, the perfect lip color choice for the woman on the go, the career woman or the homemaker of today!
Most Department Store Lipsticks contain wax, resin or both. Wax and resin will create tiny lesions in your lips resulting in DRY - CHAPPED lips. This process will occur with ongoing lipstick use.
However if you use a lip stain with a very fine molecular structure, followed with gloss that contains SHEA butter - this will penetrate the lips and heal chapped lips. This is what you have, when you use LIPSENSE semi permanent lip color. The added bonus of course - is that it also offers a complete shield against the elements. ( be it pollution or the damaging rays of the sun )
You can end dry chapped lips, when you toss out all the old waxy lipsticks and make the switch to LIPSENSE semi permanent lip color.
The Gloss containing SHEA butter will completely heal your lips, so they may become soft and supple, in a matter of two weeks with regular use, especially at bedtime - after thoroughly cleansing your lips, apply a good layer of the SHEA butter formula gloss.

Anti-Cellulite Sculpting Body Lotion from SeneGence could be your new best friend!

Anti-Cellulite Sculpting Body Lotion from SeneGence could be your new best friend!

That question of how to get rid of cellulite has been plaguing me for as long as I can remember. I’ve also wondered why it is that us women came to be so lucky? After all, the dimpled, lumpy looking cellulite is generally a female’s fate simply because our connective tissue, muscle and fat are typically distributed differently than a man’s. We are the fortunate ones that get those lovely fat deposits pushing on connective tissue, distorting it, and giving us…cellulite! Even thin people can have it, simply because of how stored fat pushes on the connective tissue. Well, the connections in my tissue must be pretty spread out, cause my body would make the perfect specimen for the study of cellulite! Now I have a Cellulite Warrior on my side…SeneGence’s new SeneDerm Solutions Anti-Cellulite Body Sculpting Lotion.

I’ve been using SeneGence products for 6 years now, and I have never tried one that did not live up to the claims made about it. Their new Anti-Cellulite product is no different. We all know that anyone can say anything about a product, but until we actually try it, it’s just another product. But, I know that if SeneGence makes a claim, it will have the independent lab research and, the company philosophy, to stand behind it. If you’d like to further your education on cellulite, read on.

What options now exist for getting rid of cellulite?

Methylxanthines: A group of chemicals that include caffeine, aminophylline and theophylline. They have the ability to break down stores of fat. Significant fat loss will not be achieved with Methyxanthines because of limited concentration and time on skin, but the appearance of cellulite may be reduced.

Collagenase: Collegan is a component of connective tissue. Collagenase is a naturally-occurring enzyme in our bodies that breaks down collagen. Collagenase is injected to try and diminish the appearance of cellulite. Collagenase treatment is still experimental.

Dietary Supplements: These are not subject to jurisdiction by the FDA, so, it is hit or miss with both safety and effectiveness.

Massage Treatments: You know, those fat moving vacuum machines that pull the skin and help to re-deposit the fat, lessening the distortion of the connective tissue by the fat. Regular maintenance treatments are needed, and it is a pricey solution. At least one method using this type of machine is approved by the FDA, the Endermologie treatment method.

Mesotherapy: This is injecting drugs or other substances into the tissue affected by cellulite. Sometimes drugs that are FDA approved for other conditions are used to treat cellulite in this manner. They may use herbs and vitamins as well.

Light or Laser thereapy: TriActive treatment is one method that combines light therapy with message or suction. This low level laser treatment combined with message therapy requires repeated treatments and an entire program typically costs thousands of dollars.

Obviously, the best way to battle cellulite is with diet and exercise, but when they doesn’t work, we can bring in re-enforcements with SeneDerm Solutions Anti-Cellulite Body Sculpting Lotion!

Celebrity Looks

Lipsense, the premier product of SeneGence International, is used by thousands of women all over the world. Since its’ launch in the Spring of 1999, our client base has gained popularity and now includes hundreds of professional make-up artists, many famous celebrities and many other ladies involved in or with the entertainment industry.

Because of the amazing stay-power, LipSense is worn by the Kansas City Chief Cheerleaders as well as many other professional women athletes and competitive sports and dance teams. LipSense always stands up to sweat and long days in the hot sun or during workouts and strenuous, physical activity.
The gorgeous ladies of Friends fame also wear LipSense. Lisa Kudrow in Sheer Pink, Courteney Cox in Sheer Berry & Jennifer Anniston in Dusty Rose.
Loretta Swit of M*A*S*H, she loves LipSense so much she even became an an Independent Distributor!
True Story!
Loretta’s an animal rights advocate & as soon as she discovered the SeneGence products are never tested on animal & have a good -for-you, natural ingredients, she signed up.
LipSense has also been featured in these magazines:
Christina Aguilera featured LipSense as one of her Favorite Things in People:
Christina Aguilera created her own custom LipSense color of Cranberry and Blu Red, topped with Pearl Gloss for her wedding day.
Joy Behar of THE VIEW favors Brick followed by Pearl Gloss, she says” when you put it on and it never comes off- I love that!”

Diamond Lips

Lipsense and Its Diamond Collection

The diamond collections of Lipsense shows its excellence when it is applied with the proper methods and layering techniques. In order to maintain a particular twinkle for a long time then it is essential to put on three layers of lipsense liquids.....

Lipsense and Its Diamond Collection

These days every individual wants to look beautiful and better than others. Ladies are the foremost users of the cosmetic products. The use of glitters and sparkleshas increased to a large extent in the makeup kits of the ladies. One of the very popular companies which provide effective quality in cosmetics is Senegence. The company Senegence is very popular for its specialist cosmeticians, natural techniques and superior collection of the products. This company Senegence is mainly known for its product calledLip Sense.

One of the effective assortments of the lipsense is categorized under their diamond collection. The diamond collection is known for its decent styles, glamorous appearances and dramatic combinations of different colors. The company guarantees for the benefits of their diamond collection. The most important feature of this collection is that these diamond shades are made up of real diamond dusts. The ultimate diamond collection of the company lipsense makes the lips of the women jewel as like diamonds.

One should always release that it is not important to buy a product, but to use that particular products at a desired place is very important. More over the company provides various tips as well as knowledge about the proper usages of the different cosmetic products. One should always shake the lipsense before actually applying on to there lip. It is very important to start from the lower portions of the lips and then move towards the corner sides of the lips maintaining a proper direction. Similarly, this process should be repeated for the upper portioned lips. After applying the lipsense the next step is use a lipsense liquid and applying it on the over all portions of the lips.

The diamond collections of Lipsense shows its excellence when it is applied with the proper methods and layering techniques. In order to maintain a particular twinkle for a long time then it is essential to put on three layers of lipsense liquids. It is essential and necessary to take a gap of five to ten seconds before each of the layers is applied on the applicant. It is always advisable to use the highlighter after the third layer so as to get better results. Most essentially after the whole process is completed the applicant should press their lips together so as to enjoy the long lasting feel of the twinkling and glittering smile.
Click here to learn more about the products I love!

Do you desire longer eyelashes?


The solution to fuller, thicker lashes is finally here! You'll love getting 25% longer, luscious lashes with our new EyeSense Lash Extend. Don't battle with false eyelashes on expensive extentions when you can naturally enhance your lashes at an affordable price. SeneGence effective formula compares to other brands that retail for almost three times as much!

Shop online via website at www.senegence.com/celebritymakeup
Ship order worldwide!

Just 8 weeks to perfect skin

Independent Laboratory Results:
SeneGence sent samples of the product to an independent laboratory to verify our inhouse test results of SenePlex Complex for publication.
You should know that less than 5% of products in the market place today do this, eventhough they claim marketed results or unverified self-tested results for spin.
The Independent Laboratory test were based upon the use of the product (Evening Moisturizer over the course of 8 weeks).
Amazingly, 100% of those tested experience significant changes in their skin.
The result are as follows::::
The Skins Cellular Renewal Cycle increased an average of 23.3%
As a result:
... Moisture and Hydration increased an average of 54.2%
....Skin Firmnes and elasticity increased an average of 51.9%
...Luminocity increased an average of 48.7%
That ultimately results in:
...Reducing Fine lines and wrinkles by an average 55.7% per user

When using SeneDerm and Sense Cosmeticswith SenePlex there is no need to use topical products like acid peels that strips awaythe signs of aging.. The signs of aging will be back the next day and weeks because the cells are still growing to the top of the skin in typical cellular aging way. When using SeneDerm and SenseCosmetics with SenePlex healthy skin continusly grow from the bottom up for as long as you use the products.

For your eyes only

For Your Eyes

Conveniently compacted into 2-1n-1 container let your lashes reach fantastic new lenghts by first applying UnderSense. The thickening, lengthening formula takes lashes farther and farther... how long will they go?
Try UnderSense lash builder for the fullest, most noticeable lashes. Finish them with long-lasting, water-proof LashSense mascara. Want to get a little more daring? Try black Lash Sense and "tip" the ends of your lashes with vibrant hues of teal or midnight blue- you'll love the lengthened look!
With SenePlex finishes flawlessly with the staying power of all SenseCosmetics products. With our exclusive longlasting finish, this revolutionary blends beautifully into your custom look. Imagination and creativity are your only limits to defining the eye. Shades can be worn separately, layered to accent, lighten, brighten, contour and highlight, or mixed to create an endless color spectrum or possibilities.
For your eyes only!
Is a revolutionary, longlasting liquid eye liner that is water-proof, smear-proof and budge-proof. Perfecting the liquid eyeliner is simple- all it takes is a gentle touch and a steady hand for a beautiful, professionally-made, chic look. Try sweeping a light, fine line across your lid for a daytime look, thicker, more dramatic application for a strikingly defined accent to an evening affair.

My favorite kissproof lipstick

My favorite Kiss Proof Lipstick! click here!

1.The reason Lipsense ever comes off is because your Lips exfoliate, Usually every 8 - 10 hours.

2.Lipsense only adheres to your top layer of skin it comes off when your lips exfoliate and does not damage the under lying layers.

3.The Lipsense Gloss contains Shea Butter, which penetrates several layers of skin, actually making your lips healthier.

4.Moisturized lips takes longer for skin to exfoliate.

5.Lipsense will last longer if you keep your gloss on lips so that they are moist.

6.Lipsense can be removed with glycerine

Ruby Red Slippers

Follow me down the yellow brick road.. Ruby Red Slippers! http://www.senegence.com/celebritymakeup

I saw you kissing Santa Claus

Garnet Lipcolor by Senegence is a must have! (Won't even get on Santa Claus while kissing under the mistletoe!

Bonita Lipsense is one of my favorite colors for fall makeup

Bonita lipsense by Senegence is one of my favorite colors for fall! http://www.senegence.com/celebritymakeup (dont forget your gloss)