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Monday, November 2, 2009

Anti-Cellulite Sculpting Body Lotion from SeneGence could be your new best friend!

Anti-Cellulite Sculpting Body Lotion from SeneGence could be your new best friend!

That question of how to get rid of cellulite has been plaguing me for as long as I can remember. I’ve also wondered why it is that us women came to be so lucky? After all, the dimpled, lumpy looking cellulite is generally a female’s fate simply because our connective tissue, muscle and fat are typically distributed differently than a man’s. We are the fortunate ones that get those lovely fat deposits pushing on connective tissue, distorting it, and giving us…cellulite! Even thin people can have it, simply because of how stored fat pushes on the connective tissue. Well, the connections in my tissue must be pretty spread out, cause my body would make the perfect specimen for the study of cellulite! Now I have a Cellulite Warrior on my side…SeneGence’s new SeneDerm Solutions Anti-Cellulite Body Sculpting Lotion.

I’ve been using SeneGence products for 6 years now, and I have never tried one that did not live up to the claims made about it. Their new Anti-Cellulite product is no different. We all know that anyone can say anything about a product, but until we actually try it, it’s just another product. But, I know that if SeneGence makes a claim, it will have the independent lab research and, the company philosophy, to stand behind it. If you’d like to further your education on cellulite, read on.

What options now exist for getting rid of cellulite?

Methylxanthines: A group of chemicals that include caffeine, aminophylline and theophylline. They have the ability to break down stores of fat. Significant fat loss will not be achieved with Methyxanthines because of limited concentration and time on skin, but the appearance of cellulite may be reduced.

Collagenase: Collegan is a component of connective tissue. Collagenase is a naturally-occurring enzyme in our bodies that breaks down collagen. Collagenase is injected to try and diminish the appearance of cellulite. Collagenase treatment is still experimental.

Dietary Supplements: These are not subject to jurisdiction by the FDA, so, it is hit or miss with both safety and effectiveness.

Massage Treatments: You know, those fat moving vacuum machines that pull the skin and help to re-deposit the fat, lessening the distortion of the connective tissue by the fat. Regular maintenance treatments are needed, and it is a pricey solution. At least one method using this type of machine is approved by the FDA, the Endermologie treatment method.

Mesotherapy: This is injecting drugs or other substances into the tissue affected by cellulite. Sometimes drugs that are FDA approved for other conditions are used to treat cellulite in this manner. They may use herbs and vitamins as well.

Light or Laser thereapy: TriActive treatment is one method that combines light therapy with message or suction. This low level laser treatment combined with message therapy requires repeated treatments and an entire program typically costs thousands of dollars.

Obviously, the best way to battle cellulite is with diet and exercise, but when they doesn’t work, we can bring in re-enforcements with SeneDerm Solutions Anti-Cellulite Body Sculpting Lotion!