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Monday, November 2, 2009

Just 8 weeks to perfect skin

Independent Laboratory Results:
SeneGence sent samples of the product to an independent laboratory to verify our inhouse test results of SenePlex Complex for publication.
You should know that less than 5% of products in the market place today do this, eventhough they claim marketed results or unverified self-tested results for spin.
The Independent Laboratory test were based upon the use of the product (Evening Moisturizer over the course of 8 weeks).
Amazingly, 100% of those tested experience significant changes in their skin.
The result are as follows::::
The Skins Cellular Renewal Cycle increased an average of 23.3%
As a result:
... Moisture and Hydration increased an average of 54.2%
....Skin Firmnes and elasticity increased an average of 51.9%
...Luminocity increased an average of 48.7%
That ultimately results in:
...Reducing Fine lines and wrinkles by an average 55.7% per user

When using SeneDerm and Sense Cosmeticswith SenePlex there is no need to use topical products like acid peels that strips awaythe signs of aging.. The signs of aging will be back the next day and weeks because the cells are still growing to the top of the skin in typical cellular aging way. When using SeneDerm and SenseCosmetics with SenePlex healthy skin continusly grow from the bottom up for as long as you use the products.