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Monday, November 2, 2009

LipSense semi permanent lip color Sense Cosmetics from SeneGence

Senegence semi permanent lip color, eliminates touch ups or chapped lips! At last, a semi permanent lip color that lasts all day! Try our free beauty tips on the new semi permanent lip color technology that is long lasting, water proof and won't dry your lips.

LipSense is non smearing semi permanent lip color, you can remove the color when you remove your make up at night, or you may leave it on - waking up with still great looking lips in the morning! Lip Sense, the perfect lip color choice for the woman on the go, the career woman or the homemaker of today!
Most Department Store Lipsticks contain wax, resin or both. Wax and resin will create tiny lesions in your lips resulting in DRY - CHAPPED lips. This process will occur with ongoing lipstick use.
However if you use a lip stain with a very fine molecular structure, followed with gloss that contains SHEA butter - this will penetrate the lips and heal chapped lips. This is what you have, when you use LIPSENSE semi permanent lip color. The added bonus of course - is that it also offers a complete shield against the elements. ( be it pollution or the damaging rays of the sun )
You can end dry chapped lips, when you toss out all the old waxy lipsticks and make the switch to LIPSENSE semi permanent lip color.
The Gloss containing SHEA butter will completely heal your lips, so they may become soft and supple, in a matter of two weeks with regular use, especially at bedtime - after thoroughly cleansing your lips, apply a good layer of the SHEA butter formula gloss.